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What is your interest rate?

We have a flat interest rate of 18% to 20% the interest in each application is calculated and applied on a case by case basis depending on the risk factors of each application.

How much deposit do you charge for Motor Vehicle loans?

Our minimum motor vehicle deposit rate is 10% however this may vary according to the risk factors and repayment serviceability of each application.

What are the supporting documents I need to give with my application?

  • 2 Recent payslip
  • 3-month bank statement to date of application
  • Vehicle quotation (In case of applying for a motor vehicle loan only)
  • Valid drivers license 
  • 2 ID cards: Either Driver’s license, Passport or Joint FNPF card
  • A recent utility bill or proof of residential address

How long does it take to process a loan application?

Our application processing usually takes 24 to 48 working hours.

What is the minimum and maximum term I can take on a loan?

Our minimum loan term is 12 months and maximum loan term is 84 months.

How frequently are my loan deductions made?

The frequency of your loan repayments depend on your salary payments. For example if you are paid your income weekly your loan payment will be deducted weekly.

How can I apply for a loan?

There are many ways to apply for a loan would you can visit: or send an email to or you could visit one of the service centres closest to you in Suva, Lautoka or Labasa. If you prefer, we can have a Customer Service Officer call and assist you with information to fill out an application form. You can also talk to us on Live Chat from 8.30am to 5pm, by visiting

Term Deposits

What is the minimum amount required to open a TD account?

The minimum amount needed to open a TD account is $5,000.

What is the minimum and maximum term for TD?

Our minimum term is 3 months and our maximum term is 120 months.

What are the documents I need to submit with my TD application?

Please see the checklist, which details every information, that is needed with your TD application.

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