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Shareholders and Investors are welcome to use the following methods to communicate with the company.


For Term Deposit Investments with Kontiki Finance:


For information on Share Investments:


  1. Kontiki Stockbroking at
  2. FHL Stockbrokers Limited at
  3. FijiStock Brokers Limited at


To reach out to our Company Secretary directly:



Phone: +679 330 3400 or +679 830 3400

Fax: +679 330 3409


Postal Address:

Company Secretary
Kontiki Finance Limited
GPO Box 12508, Suva, Fiji



Level 5, Tappoo City Building
Thomson Street, Suva, Fiji


For any other general details or to contact one of our friendly Customer Service Officers:

Phone: 330 3400, 830 3400 or Toll-free 0800 330 3402


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Please refer to the South Pacific Stock Exchange for share market trading information and for the latest Market Announcements.


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