Tries for Lifeline at the Marist Fiji Bitter 7’s Tournament

Tries for Lifeline Fiji launches at the Marist Fiji Bitter 7’s Tournament from the 24th of September to the 26th of September. In an effort to raise funds for Lifeline Fiji there will be a cash donation paid to every try that happens throughout the 3-day tournament. With the support of Kontiki Finance who will be paying $10 a try. All money raised during the tournament will be donated to Lifeline Fiji.

As a not for profit charity organization, Lifeline Fiji does not receive any formal funding and has been raising their own funds to keep this vital service available to thousands of Fijians.

The Lifeline Fiji team recently launched their new crisis support line which is 24/7 toll free and confidential. The Funds raised during the 3-day tournament will help maintain the vital support service that Lifeline Fiji provides through Suicide prevention, bereavement counselling and the facilitation of mental health workshops.
“Lifeline Fiji is very grateful towards the organizers of the Marist Fiji Bitter 7’s Tournament and Kontiki Finance for their support in organizing a brilliant way to raise funds through the tries for Lifeline Fiji, we would like to wish all the players the best of luck for the 3 day tournament.” Said Jeremaia Qalobula Lifeline Fiji Senior Officer.
Apart from this fundraising drive any person willing to donate funds can do so through their Go Fund me Page through the link: or you can simply search the fundraising campaign on the Go Fund Me website by typing in Lifeline Fiji Suicide Prevention.
Donations can also be made through the text to donate platform set up through the support of Digicel Fiji. Digicel Customers are to text the word ‘LIFELINE’ to 176 with $1 a text which goes directly to lifeline.
If you or someone you know, is currently facing Mental Health issues, please call our newly launched crisis support line on 1543 this line is available 24/7 and there is always someone here to listen and support you through whatever you are experiencing.

Lifeline Fiji connecting people with care from crisis to opportunity.