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Providing competitive financial products to Fijian’s since 2015

Kontiki Finance Limited is a Fijian majority-owned company established in 2015 to provide Fijians with competitive and accessible financing for both consumers and Small to Medium size businesses. To support this, Kontiki Finance is open for business seven days a week and we will process your application quickly, often the same day. When it comes to financing, we are a leading alternative to the major banks and finance companies.


So whether you’re purchasing a car or increasing the size of your vehicle fleet, organising a holiday, or want to consolidate your debts using your motor vehicle as collateral, you can count on Kontiki Finance to work with you, and provide you with the solution that is right for you.


For our retail and motor vehicle dealer partners, Kontiki Finance is a full-service provider of accessible and easy-to-understand financing solutions that allows them to better serve their client relationships by managing credit applications, credit authorisation, billing, remittance and customer service processing.



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