Term Deposits

Term Deposits: Elevating Savings to New Heights

Experience the power of growth with our Term Deposit products. A Term Deposit account represents a fixed investment, where your funds are securely held for an agreed duration, enjoying a fixed interest rate.

Why choose a Term Deposit? The answer lies in its potential as a high-growth savings account. Compared to regular savings or transaction accounts, Term Deposit accounts can boost interest earnings, making it a savvy strategy for achieving your savings goals.

Moreover, the range of different Term Deposit products means the longer you fix your deposit, the more interest you will earn. We provide the flexibility with products that range from 3 months up to 10 years. If you want earnings growth and commit to a Term Deposit, you will benefit from the fixed interest rate. Elevate your savings with a Kontiki Finance Term Deposit and watch your financial horizons grow.

Want to open a Term Deposit account with us?

You can contact us directly and we will help you through the process, or if you wish to go straight to the application process now, complete an application form here.

What are the current Term Deposit rates?

Term Rate
3 months 0.20% pa
6 months 0.35% pa
9 months 0.50% pa
12 months 2.25% pa
18 months 2.25% pa
24 months 2.50% pa
36 months 2.75% pa
48 months 3.00% pa
60 months 3.25% pa
72 months 3.50% pa
84 months 3.75% pa
96 months 4.00% pa
108 months 4.25% pa
120 months 4.50% pa

Why invest with us?

Exceptional Rates, Unwavering Confidence

Discover peace of mind with Kontiki Finance's great rates. When you commit to an agreed term, rest assured that your interest rates are not only guaranteed, but also locked in. Even if interest rates take a dip during your term, your rate remains steadfast. It's the promise of stability and value that sets us apart.

Invest with Confidence: Your Secure Investment Haven

As a Licensed Credit Institution, your investment is Capital Guaranteed. Unlike the unpredictable nature of other types of investments, our duty is to provide peace of mind with a good return. Your financial stability is our focal point, providing you with a robust platform for your future. Choose to invest with us and embrace the unwavering assurance you rightfully deserve.

Fee-free Freedom: Your Earnings, Your Way

Experience financial freedom with Kontiki Finance. Our commitment to transparency means no hidden costs. Enjoy the benefits of no entry or exit fees, no account fees, no statement fees, no admin fees, and no commissions. Every dollar you earn is rightfully yours, ensuring your income remains untouched as long as you fulfill the agreed term. Embrace fee-free simplicity and maximize your returns, the way it should be. Your financial journey is free from unnecessary charges with us. (Refer to our Fees & Charges Brochure).

Only 10% Tax

The tax on Term Deposit interest is fixed and final at 10%, unlike other investments that are taxed at a higher rate. Retirees may also be eligible for an exemption up to $30,000 per person.

Returns paid out to suit your schedule

Choose from monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, annual or on maturity interest payments.

Term Deposit Considerations: Planning for Your Future

While a Term Deposit offers stability, it's essential to weigh the following factors:

1. Locked Funds

Your money is committed until maturity. Yet, you could leverage your Term Deposit as security to apply for a loan.

2. Limited Exit

Early redemption due to genuine hardship incurs an exit fee. Flexibility may be limited compared to other investments.

A Term Deposit grants security but demands thoughtful planning. Evaluate your needs and goals before making your financial decision. We’re here to help you navigate the path that aligns with your aspirations. (Refer to our Fees & Charges Brochure).

Frequently Asked Questions

See our Glossary of Terms and Definitions of Term Deposits including information on Fees & Charges Disclosure Statements here.

Our terms range from three months up to 120 months (10 years). A specific maturity date may also be stipulated at the time of investment.

We accept deposits from $5,000 or more. If you have an amount greater than $250,000 please call us for a rate quote.

In cases of genuine hardship we will consider allowing you to withdraw your Term Deposit to maturity. If your request is approved, there will be an interest rate reduction and break fee.
Please refer to our current schedule of Fees & Charges Brochure.

  • Reinvested together with your original deposit amount and earn compounded interest; or
  • Credited automatically to your nominated bank account, or
  • Paid to you by direct credit or cheque.

When you deposit funds with us simply let us know how you would like to have your interest paid.

At the end of your deposit term, unless we are notified in writing, your deposit will be automatically renewed for the same term but at the interest rate prevailing at that time. We will write to you one month prior to maturity, seeking your reinvestment intentions.

We accept bank transfers; cheques (company or personal) or bank cheques for Term Deposit accounts.

In cases of genuine hardship, Kontiki Finance will consider allowing you to withdraw your Term Deposit prior to maturity. If Kontiki Finance does approve your request there will be an interest rate reduction and break fee. Please refer to our current schedule of fees and charges, (available on request).

Contact us today for the most competitive rates and best investment options for your funds! Conditions apply.

It means that KFL has a legal obligation to guarantee the return of the whole sum invested to the term depositor on the maturity date of the deposit.

This differs from other classes of investment such as unit trusts, share market investments, and pension contributions as these investments carry no Capital Guarantee and thus there is no legal obligation from these investment schemes to return any of your invested funds to you.

We have used the expression Capital Guaranteed in our promotional material as this is the global financial market’s expression for identifying our legal obligation to return deposited funds and also we wish to educate the Fijian market about the differing risks between investment products. This is part of Kontiki Finance’s commitment to improve Financial Literacy in Fiji.

An additional advantage of Term Deposits over other growth unit trusts, share market investments, and pension contributions is that the interest rate offered by KFL at the Term Deposit commencement is contracted over the entire tenure of the investment.  Whereas the yield on the other classes of investment above is not fixed at all and could conceivably be zero or be reduced after the investment funds are received without reference to the investor.

Kontiki Finance Limited cannot reduce your Term Deposit interest rate yield during your investment term. Also, we do not charge any fees to deposit or withdraw on maturity from your Term Deposit.  This is often not the case with other classes of investment.

Give us your details and we will have a Customer Service Officer assist you.

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