Celebrating Tradition: Pineapple Cup Crosses 90-Year Mark

A legacy spanning over nine decades shines brightly as the Pineapple Cup marks its 90th year of existence. Held at the Suva Bowling Club on 8-9 October 2022, this year’s event saw forty passionate bowlers come together for a spirited competition.

Kontiki Finance proudly sponsored the 2022 Pineapple Cup, continuing their tradition of support for several years. Katherine Nichols, Marketing Manager at Kontiki Finance, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to back this iconic tournament.

Initiated in 1928, the Pineapple Cup has graced each year’s calendar, except for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With origins dating back to its inception, the Cup stands as a cherished relic of history and a testament to the commitment of the late Malcolm Brodie, who, with Scottish ancestry, donated this esteemed trophy.

As the defending champions, Curtis Mar and Sheryl Edwards uphold the honor of their titles. A total prize fund of $2,000 is set to reward winners, runners-up, and semi-finalists, adding a layer of excitement to this year’s proceedings.

In its 90th year, the Pineapple Cup symbolizes not only the spirit of competition but the preservation of tradition and the power of enduring passion. This milestone underscores the unity of sports, history, and community – a celebration that transcends time.

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