Empowering Leadership: Kontiki Finance Joins Hands with Leadership Fiji

A new chapter of empowerment begins as Kontiki Finance forges a partnership with Leadership Fiji, an announcement made on 2 August 2023. The union marks a significant step towards fostering strong leadership values and contributing to the growth of Fiji’s future leaders.

Recognising that exceptional leaders inspire, exhibit humility, practice self-awareness, and build authentic relationships, Kontiki Finance’s collaboration with Leadership Fiji underscores their commitment to nurturing and developing these qualities.

Leadership is a journey of growth and transformation. As leaders gain experience, they learn to leverage their strengths effectively in challenging scenarios and delegate tasks efficiently. By acknowledging the importance of setting strategic goals, motivating teams, and embracing a service-oriented approach, Kontiki Finance exemplifies the essence of leadership.

Barry Whiteside, representing Kontiki Finance, expressed excitement about this partnership. He highlighted the alignment of Kontiki Finance’s values with Leadership Fiji’s mission, emphasizing the significance of nurturing staff and rewarding excellence.

For over two decades, Leadership Fiji has stood as a non-partisan entity, shaping the leaders of tomorrow through its immersive 9-month program. With more than 500 Alumni who have graduated from this program, Leadership Fiji has been a cornerstone of leadership development in the country.

Sharyne Fong, CEO of Leadership Fiji, expressed gratitude to Kontiki Finance for their commitment to the future leaders of Fiji. This partnership not only reflects Kontiki Finance’s belief in the purpose of Leadership Fiji but also highlights the business sector’s eagerness to invest in shaping a brighter tomorrow through impactful leadership.

As Kontiki Finance joins hands with Leadership Fiji, the journey of empowering leaders gains momentum, setting the stage for a future where leadership is not only a skill but a force that shapes positive change.

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