Kontiki Finance donates a 4WD vehicle to Diabetes Fiji Inc.

On Monday, 27 June an exchange of vehicle and key was made outside the TappooCity Building by Barry Whiteside, Board Chairman from Kontiki Finance Limited and Taabish Akbar, Chair from Diabetes Fiji Incorporated. This 4WD vehicle was donated by Kontiki Finance and is fully funded and serviced with ongoing maintenance, insurance and running costs.

Diabetes Fiji has not had access to a vehicle to support their community engagement outreach program in reaching their Diabetic patients – especially those in remote areas and vulnerable groups. Having a vehicle ensures patients will receive the necessary medical supplies and training that’s required.

Kontiki Finance provided Diabetes Fiji with the 4WD drive vehicle, allowing their Project Team to conduct home visits, provide awareness to schools and distribute consumables to patients all over Fiji. Having transport will allow the Project Team to monitor the patient’s health by carrying out the necessary blood tests and ketone testing which is only available at major Hospitals. The provision of a vehicle ensures that patients in the outer skirts of main cities and towns, that are not able to access better health care, are provided with the support and care that’s required. This vehicle helps Diabetes Fiji improve its reach to patients and families.

This past year has been particularly difficult for us all, especially having to face the challenges of the global pandemic. Many of our vulnerable groups were affected during the local transmission of COVID whereby most clinics were disrupted. Many continue to default their clinics and fail to access medications, routine checks and medical consumables such as syringes. Reaching out to the vulnerable will enable patients to be followed up, referred for further management if necessary and assisted with consumables. Also, they will be trained so they can be resilient and adapt to changes that are inevitable, such as pandemics and disasters.

Kontiki Finance is privileged to continue to assist and enrich the local community through sponsorship activities, fund-raising, financial literacy programmes and other community involvement.

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