Kontiki Finance Proudly Sponsors the Ratu Sukuna Bowl Tournament, 2023

L-R: Lieutenant Colonel Edward Tuinadau, Commanding Officer Strategic Headquarters-RFMF, Cathy Thaggard, KFL Onboarding Manager & Pauliasi Colamoto, Acting Superintendant of Police & Chairman, Ratu Sukuna Bowl Organising Committee.

In a resounding demonstration of community spirit and commitment to fostering unity through sports, Kontiki Finance once again contributes as a co-sponsor for the Ratu Sukuna Bowl Games, 2023. The tournament took place from 27 November-1 December, 2023. The tournament has been a longstanding tradition in Fiji, providing a platform for the country’s men and women in uniform to showcase their athletic prowess and build camaraderie across the armed forces.

On behalf of the Acting Commissioner of Police and the Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, sincere gratitude was extended to Kontiki Finance for its commitment as a valued co-sponsor. The company’s continuous support has played a pivotal role in making the Sukuna Bowl a significant event in the Fijian sporting calendar.

The Sukuna Bowl has consistently served as a breeding ground for sporting talent, grooming participants who later go on to represent Fiji on the international stage in various disciplines such as rugby, volleyball, soccer, netball, and even boxing. Kontiki Finance’s support ensures that this tradition continues, empowering men and women in uniform to be not only defenders of their nation but also ambassadors of sportsmanship and athleticism.

As the 2023 Sukuna Bowl approached, the organisers extended an open invitation to Kontiki Finance to stand beside them once again as a beacon of support. The Credit Institution’s sponsorship was not just an investment in a sporting event but a contribution to the unity of Fijians through the universal language of sports.

In a recent gesture of goodwill, Kontiki Finance handed over sporting equipment to Acting Superintendent of Police (SSP) Pauliasi Colamoto, Chairman of the Sukuna Bowl Organising Committee. SSP Colamoto expressed gratitude for Kontiki Finance’s support, highlighting the significance of the donated equipment in ensuring the success of the tournament.

The official launch of the Ratu Sukuna Bowl Games 2023 marks another exciting chapter in Fiji’s rich sporting history. Kontiki Finance’s continued sponsorship exemplifies the company’s dedication to fostering national pride, unity, and athletic excellence. The organisers, armed forces, and the Fijian community eagerly anticipated another successful Sukuna Bowl, made possible by the generous support of Kontiki Finance.

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