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Refinancing can help to make your debts more manageable

Need a hand to manage multiple debts? Talk to us about refinancing. With a Kontiki Finance credit contract for Debt Consolidation, you can now get your finances under control by refinancing and rolling your debts into a single easy-to-manage loan.


Then by setting a shorter loan term that suits your budget, you may actually reduce the amount you spend on repayments each month. However, if you choose a longer loan term, the total amount of interest you pay will also increase. To help reduce your loan account balance, it is advisable to make as many extra or additional payments, as you can. This will help reduce the balance of your loan, which will reduce the length of your loan term and finally help in reducing the total amount of interest you pay.


Debt consolidation or refinancing helps make repayments easier by removing the inconvenience of having to pay multiple lenders. We will assist you to pay out your existing debts from other lenders, so you have just one loan, with one fixed repayment, each month. Nice and easy!

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