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Proudly local, at Kontiki Finance we offer flexible loans for debt consolidation, refinancing, new or used vehicles and loans for business we've got you covered! Plus, enjoy great term deposit rates and arrange comprehensive insurance.

Apply now for fast approval and swift access to funds (T&Cs apply). Your trusted partner, Kontiki Finance – Secure, Local, Innovative.

Our Loan Solutions


Turning Life's Challenges into Solutions with a Tailored Loan!

Life can sometimes bring unexpected expenses your way. When the road gets a bit tougher, remember that we're here to make it smoother. Our wide range of loans are designed to lend a helping hand, both at home and in business.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Streamline Your Finances with a Kontiki Finance Debt Consolidation Loan!

Feeling weighed down by multiple debts? Let's lighten the load by consolidation. Our Debt Consolidation Loan can help you regain control by merging your debts into a single, manageable loan.

Refinancing Loans

Simplify Your Finances with Refinancing!

Managing multiple debts feeling overwhelmed? We've got your back. Let's chat about refinancing. With Kontiki Finance's Debt Consolidation Loan, we can help you regain control of your finances by rolling your debts into one simple and manageable loan.

Motor Vehicle Loans

Cruise Towards Your Dream Ride with Motor Vehicle Loans!

Searching for that perfect car, whether brand new, pre-loved, or for your business? Look no further! Our loan experts are here to tailor a solution that matches your lifestyle and budget or cash flow.

Business Loans

Ignite Business Growth with a Business Loan

Unleash your business's potential with a tailored Business Loan from Kontiki Finance. Whether you're a budding small business or a dynamic SME, we're here to understand your aspirations and needs.

Loan Protection

Your Safety Net: Loan Protection at Kontiki Finance!

When you choose a loan from Kontiki Finance, you're not just securing funds—you're gaining peace of mind with our Loan Protection Insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Loan

The interest in each application is calculated and applied on a case by case basis depending on the risk factors of each application.

Our minimum motor vehicle deposit rate is 10% however this may vary according to the particular circumstances of each application.
  • 2 Recent payslip
  • 3-month bank statement to date of application
  • Vehicle quotation (In case of applying for a motor vehicle loan only)
  • Valid drivers license 
  • 2 ID cards: Either Driver’s license, Passport or Joint FNPF card
  • A recent utility bill or proof of residential address

Our application processing usually takes 24 to 48 working hours.

Our minimum loan term is 6 months and maximum loan term is 84 months.

At least monthly, but if you are paid your income weekly your loan payment will be deducted weekly.

There are many ways to apply for a loan would you can visit: www.canigetaloan.com.fj or send an email to enquiries@kontikifinance.com.fj or you could visit one of the service centres closest to you in Suva, Lautoka or Labasa. If you prefer, we can have a Customer Service Officer call and assist you with information to fill out an application form.

About Term Deposits

See our Glossary of Terms and Definitions of Term Deposits including information on Fees and Charges Disclosure Statements here.

Our terms range from three months* up to 120 months (10 years). A specific maturity date may also be stipulated at the time of investment.

We accept deposits from $5,000* or more. If you have an amount greater than $250,000* please call us for a rate quote.

The interest is fixed for the agreed term. You may elect to have interest paid:

  • Monthly, Quarterly, 6-monthly, annually or on maturity
  • Reinvested together with your original deposit amount and earn compounded interest; or
  • Credited automatically to your nominated bank account, or
  • Paid to you by direct credit or cheque. (*Discontinuation of cheques starting 2024.)
When you deposit funds with us simply let us know how you would like to have your interest paid.

At the end of your deposit term, unless we are notified in writing, your deposit will be automatically renewed for the same term but at the interest rate prevailing at that time. We will write to you one month prior to maturity, seeking your reinvestment intentions.

We accept bank transfers; cheques (company or personal) or bank cheques for Term Deposit accounts.

In cases of genuine hardship, Kontiki Finance will consider allowing you to withdraw your Term Deposit prior to maturity. If Kontiki Finance does approve your request there will be an interest rate reduction and break fee. Please refer to our current schedule of fees and charges, (available on request).

Contact us today for the most competitive rates and best investment options for your funds! Conditions apply.

It means that KFL has a legal obligation to guarantee the return of the whole sum invested to the term depositor on the maturity date of the deposit.

This differs from other classes of investment such as unit trusts, share market investments, and pension contributions as these investments carry no Capital Guarantee and thus there is no legal obligation from these investment schemes to return any of your invested funds to you.

We have used the expression Capital Guaranteed in our promotional material as this is the global financial market’s expression for identifying our legal obligation to return deposited funds and also we wish to educate the Fijian market about the differing risks between investment products. This is part of Kontiki Finance’s commitment to improve Financial Literacy in Fiji.

An additional advantage of Term Deposits over other growth unit trusts, share market investments, and pension contributions is that the interest rate offered by KFL at the Term Deposit commencement is contracted over the entire tenure of the investment.  Whereas the yield on the other classes of investment above is not fixed at all and could conceivably be zero or be reduced after the investment funds are received without reference to the investor.

Kontiki Finance Limited cannot reduce your Term Deposit interest rate yield during your investment term. Also, we do not charge any fees to deposit or withdraw on maturity from your Term Deposit.  This is often not the case with other classes of investment.

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